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Phone Dialer

Use BRAVOBOX as a phone dialer, connect your alarm to the world with Calls, SMS, Telegram, Push message and Email.
Six inputs.
When an input goes in alarm, you can choice from 5 different ways to contact you.

Make a list of people to contact when the system goes in alarm and choice for each one of them in which way to contact.
The device contact you also when the internet line or energy is down.

When makes a call voice you decide between female or male voice.


The device as a Matrix, when a line goes in alarm switch on an output.
One input can control from 1 to 6 outputs.
Input lines in push and pull mode.

Each output line have his name for better identification.
If the internet line or the power energy is down, the device remember his previous status.

A back-end personal dashboard, to set the device.
A Synoptic control panel on your APP or Dashboard to control the input lines.
A Graphic Maps on your APP to show the alarm address of the line.

Home & Building Automation

BRAVOBOX can controll all your home or building devices.
Use the APP for Android or Apple to controll the devices.
A list of all your devices installed per name is showed.

Each device has an output line name list to control.
You can choice between relay or triac board.

The device not need of battery.
Dimmer mode.

All the connections are crypted.